In Portugal a Colombian presented an application for Catholics to be closer to their religion. Amen App&nbsp, is the name of the platform that is already available in Apple’s iOS and Google’s Play Store.

The idea is that people can resolve their doubts in the personal area and have an advice to make decisions based on faith.

You can also read the Gospel, know the life history of the Saint of the day and find the nearest church or parish with liturgies schedules and contact information.
This last module will be consolidated periodically with the information of the people and religious communities that are added to the project.

Ciro Duarte is the Colombian who was in Lisbon doing the global presentation, since the application has a coverage for the 5 continents.

It is also enabled with several languages ​​such as Spanish English and Portuguese, but later it will be ready in Italian and French.

“Are you at your job and need to consult with a Diocesan or Religious?
Are you with doubts about something in particular?
Do you want to tell your story and do not know who?
Do you want to participate more in your parish or community?
Do you need some parochial service?
Do not know what to do or how to react? in a specific situation? …
Do you need help?

The most important answers of your life are in Amen App, “explained Ciro.

The most important goal is to bring those who are furthest away from the Catholic faith closer.

Translated text.