Amen is the first free digital application that allows people to contact consecrated religious to request spiritual guidance and answer questions about their day to day. In addition, it provides the option of knowing information about the closest churches and their activities or receiving daily reflections.
Ciro Duarte, creator of the application explains that the idea of ​​this digital tool is to bring people closer to the faith, “we wanted to make it online one app, that is, to have as much information as possible as if it were a kind of manual for all people to find there everything we need to live our faith or to reflect and have a more peaceful and peaceful life. ”
The application was launched in 2017 and has five modules. In the first one, you have the option of contacting the religious through messages – it is possible anonymously if you prefer – to request spiritual counseling or clarify doubts. This function is executed with geolocation and the closest parent will be in charge of responding to you, in case you cannot, the app will automatically send your message to the religious who is available.
In the second module you will have the option of looking for the church closest to you in a radius of 10 kilometers; There, you can visualize your schedules and the activities you do on a day-to-day basis, “this is a collaborative module, where everyone can add churches and edit their information.”, explains Duarte.
In the third module you can visualize the gospel of the day and in the fourth, you will find prayers, daily reflections and invitations to different activities that you can put as favorites and share them.
This year the application is reaching 50,000 thousand downloads and next year they expect to reach 100,000 thousand. In addition, Duarte says they work “to be available in languages ​​such as Mandarin, Arabic or German and incorporate the option of audio messages and calls.”
If you want to download the app, you can find it on Android or IOS and it is available in five languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.