AMEN is a life-changing application that aims to bring the faithful closer to priests and religious, and also to create a new form of evangelization to draw closer to God through technology. The Colombian Ciro Duarte is the founder, and spoke with El Observador.

By Rubicela Muñiz

Ciro, tell us a little about yourself, your role in this project, and how and where it emerged.

▶ I am Colombian Industrial engineer by profession, specialized in management and logistics in France, with an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in China. I worked for a few years in international trade until I got to know the digital world. Throughout my life and thanks to my family, I have been very religious and have tried to help whenever I can.

I worked with street people, I did a social volunteering with the Marianists in Brazil, I was a catechist; In short, I have had very beautiful life experiences that have made me closer to Jesus and Mother Mary.

I am currently married, I have two beautiful daughters and we live in Lisbon, Portugal. I am just another lay person, committed to my Church. I go daily to the Eucharist and in the free spaces I dedicate myself to AMEN, a 100% Colombian “app”.

I was stubborn doing something and I started talking to my consecrated religious friends, I combined it with my life experience and it was there that AMEN emerged.

What is AMEN and what does it offer?

▶ AMEN, is the first digital tool in the world to contact diocesan and consecrated Catholic religious. A virtual meeting with diocesan and Catholic religious. People send messages, if they wish, anonymously; it is fast, confidential, secure and free of charge. AMEN is a perfect “app” to ask for advice, guidance, let off steam, entrust yourself, clarify doubts, express your religious vocation, etc. It works with geolocation, which means that the message reaches the person of consecrated life who is closest.

We call it “all in one app”, because we want to provide a “booklet” where everything is found, where people find support tools to get closer to God or to stay clinging to Him …