The digital tool, available for Android and iOS systems, for people to interact with diocesans and Catholic Religious to receive words of encouragement.The Colombian Ciro Duarte presented the application AMEN APP to bring mobile users to the Catholic faith and, in general, to interact with consecrated persons of the Catholic Church from whom they will receive spiritual advice.

The app is in Spanish, English and Portuguese (it will soon be in Italian and French). Amen APP was recently presented in Lisbon (Portugal) on the occasion of the visit of Saint Pope Francis. Users of the five continents can now download the application.

As explained by its creator, is the first digital tool in the world that serves as a channel for Catholics to interact with consecrated persons of the Catholic Church (priest, brothers and sisters), even anonymously if they prefer. Diocesans and consecrated Religious were contacted beforehand and invited to be part of the network of spiritual advisors who will respond quickly, confidentially, safely and free of charge to the messages and requests of the users.

“AMEN APP is not an application to chat or engage in conversations, but to ‘listen’ to users who wish to donate, ask for advice, guidance, vent, entrust, or clarify doubts,” said Ciro Duarte, from the Portuguese capital. AMEN APP works with geolocation, which will allow to receive answers from consecrated persons that are close to the user.

The creator of the app is constantly encouraging more religious consecrated to participate in the app, to ensure a rapid response. Diocesan priests, sisters and brothers are invited to download AMEN APP to take advantage of technology as a tool of evangelisation. They, in addition, will be able to bring people from the digital world to their parishes and communities, invite them to participate in their groups and activities, support religious vocations and transmit to their parishioners information of general interest, comments on the Gospel, Catholic celebrations , among other.

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