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A Catholic Church strengthened in the digital world means a greater number of technological tools to bring the GOOD NEWS, platforms, systems, apps and digital environments in general that strengthen the love of God and the Christianity.

Have you ever imagined visiting a church from your home, anywhere in the world with augmented reality? Masses in streaming? Virtual tours of churches? Tours in historic churches and Christian museums? Catholic virtual assistant? Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament a live? Digital parish? Virtual catechesis? Games for children to evangelize? ChatBot Catholic? Virtual encounters of faith? Evangelize in 3D?

Let us use the available Catholic tools, those that we have already at hand, have a sense of belonging, support Catholic projects created for people, evangelizing, transmitting our dogma of faith, getting closer to God, being happy.
In our day to day life, let’s get involved, let’s take ownership of our Catholic digital tools, our music, our apps, our prayers; share reflections, positive phrases, prayers, everything that makes us happy and smiling.

Have you ever imagined having a consecrated Priest or Religious available within a click? Being in another country and chat with Catholic Consecrated Religious in your own language? Having spiritual support in your life? Today and thanks to the FUNDACION AMEN Digital, it is possible.

Did you ever imagine having a Catholic “manual” at hand with prayers, daily readings, the saints, churches, positive messages and much more, in just one tool? Today and thanks to the FUNDACION AMEN DIGITAL, it is also possible.

Let’s recognize and support the work of our church. Let’s go together, let’s walk together in this digital world. If you have doubts, you want to support, you have ideas, projects, you want to evangelize, you feel that you can contribute, please contact us.

Join us, support us by adding more churches, confirming that your church information is correct, inviting your friends and family to download AMEN. Please email us and tell us how you would like to support us and how you think you can do it, tell us your dreams and your ideas. You could help us by designing, generating ideas, managing networks, adding churches and translating texts, among others.

Do not be afraid of change, you can give your life for others and perhaps you still do not know how. Thank you for allowing us to count on you and for trusting us. Our digital mission is sustained thanks to God’s sons like YOU.


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The use of AMEN does not replace the Holy Mass, or the prayer in the Church, much less the Sacred Confession. We invite all our users to come to the church, to create a community, to attend the Holy Mass and to participate in the Holy Sacraments.

AMEN is designed for people who have difficulties to talk directly to Diocesans and Religious, people that have doubts or fears of vocation, people who can’t move from where they are, people that are in countries with controlled or repressed Catholicism, who feel a deep need for quick answers or anonymity, who wish to query about catechesis or the dogma of Faith or even want to request or ask for some ecclesial service in a simple way.