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We do not always have the blessing of having a Diocesan or Religious next door. Even we do not always have a Catholic Church nearby, we do not fit well in the place where we are or we are unable to go to Holy Mass.

AMEN gives you the possibility of communicating with the closest Diocesan and Religious for receiving blessings.

Pray for them, support the Church, approach God, clear questions, seek advice and guidance, place your requests in prayer, strengthen your Christian knowledge and the dogma of Christian Faith and strengthen and revive your vocation.

AMEN is a pioneer in the world; it’s the first app that allows you to send a message to a verified religious without limit of characters. Tell him your doubts, concerns, needs, seek a word of encouragement, a counsel, share the glory of God and the favors he has made in you, share your life experience, your goals, and your achievements, put yourself in the hands of God and strengthen your life of Catholic Faith by approaching the church.

In AMEN we are convinced of the blessings that bring us the words of those people who have dedicated their lives to God.

The trending Catholic app 😇

Holy Gospel

Read the Holy Gospel that corresponds to each day, reflect about it and put it into practice.
Add your favorite readings to your favorite section.

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Matthew 4: 4
St. Ambrose says: “We speak to him when we pray, we hear him when we read the divine saying”


Read the story of the saint of the day and learn from his life experience. They are true disciples and examples of our Lord Jesus Christ, let’s imitate them!
Spiritual reading is a source of strength and guidance, sanctifies us, help us to pray, to reflect and to follow virtues.

Reading the Saint of each day in family is a blessing for all of us, because we will see values and good examples of life.

Add your favorite saint to your favorite section.

Catholic Churches

Find your church nearby. View, add and edit Catholic Churches. We have nearly 30.000 churches around the world. In AMEN you would only see those nearby.

Query information of the Catholic Church that you want, its location, contact information, mass, confessions and the Most Holy schedules, among others.

The geo-location will show you the churches around you. For example: away from home, work, the city, on vacation, wherever you are, you can approach the Church you want and participate in the Holy Mass and the Holy Sacraments.

The objectives are several: To prevent people from losing the opportunity to go to Mass, no matter where they are. Bring over the faithful ones to the Holy Sacraments, at any time, at any moment and in any place. Make churches more visible so that we know more sacred temples.

In some parts of the world there is a belief that by visiting a church for the first time, three petitions may be made; Try it!

Diocesan and Religious respond to you quickly, easily and at no cost.

“Your spiritual support at hand”

Daily Reflections

Priests and religious share positive messages, motivational messages, reflections, comments on the readings and the Holy Gospel, messages from Holy Pope Francis and information of interest to the community on a daily basis.

AMEN. Everything you need in a single app. Your virtual advisor. Go ahead and try it, go ahead and see what they say about AMEN in the press.

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Find different preyers by categories. Prayer for family, love, health, COVID, priests, vocations, souls in purgatory, studies, friendship, among many others.

How to pray the Holy Rosary as a family? Find the meditated rosary. A family that prays together stays together.

God bless you