Amen app is an application that was born with the purpose of taking advantage of new technologies as a tool to bring users to the Catholic faith.
Its creator is Ciro Duarte, a Colombian, industrial engineer who currently lives in Lisbon (Portugal).
After living in China for seven years, and not having the closeness of a priest or religious, he understood the value of being able to have someone to talk to and receive spiritual advice. Also, I did not have many churches to attend the Holy Eucharist.
In this way, the idea of ​​Amen App was born. Ciro began to contact priests and religious to be part of the network of spiritual advisors who respond to the messages of the users.
The application aims resolve people’ doubts, concerns, needs or receive advice from a priest or religious. It works with geolocation with means to receive answers from the consecrated person that is find near the user and the contact can be done anonymously.
Other functions that the application has are the gospel and the saint of the day, prayers churches to find the nearest parish with the hours of the eucharist and contact information.
For Ciro it is a tool that allows us to approach God through technology “the parents and religious are there available, responding and spiritually supporting all, approaching us to God.”
The application is available in five languages ​​and can be downloaded on any IOS or Android device.
Ciro Duarte spoke for Catholicism from Portugal