Amen App: An all-in-one application

Jan 8, 2019 | Posted by Monserrate Sanctuary

A new year begins and with it comes to our lives a broad list of tasks, objectives, goals and activities to perform and improve as people.

That is why we want to share today with all our readers a Colombian Catholic application developed so that we can live our Faith in its maximum splendour. 

The first thing you should know are its functions:

Communicate with Diocesan and Religious Priests: AMEN is a pioneer in the world; is the first app that allows you to send a message to a Religious without limit of characters. Tell him your doubts, concerns, needs, seek a word of encouragement, advice, share the glory of God and the favors He has done in you, share your life experience, your goals, your achievements, place yourself in the hands of God and Strengthen your Catholic Faith life by approaching the church.

Read the Saint of the Day: Know the story of the Saint of the day and learn from his life experience. They are true disciples and examples of our Lord Jesus Christ, let’s imitate them!

Find the nearest Parish: Thanks to the help of many people in the world who add churches, now we can count on this new service! So that no one is left without participating in Holy Mass.

The Word of God: Read the Holy Gospel that corresponds to each day, meditate and put it into practice. “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God” Matthew 4: 4

Prayers: Find hundreds of special prayers for each moment of your life.

Message of the day: Inspire yourself with the words of the Priests and Religious every day.

Remember that the application is completely free and is available in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and French.