“Amen” is an extremely interesting Catholic application and with many options to review: it offers, among the main ones, daily readings, reflections, and the possibility of making consultations, confidential or not, through it, to the different priests and religious who register as consultants, who, after approval and follow-up by their creators, become part of this panel.

I have always said that “you do not know what you know, until someone asks you”, having this opportunity to answer concerns, mostly anonymous, to the people who do them, helps me to become aware of how much I have learned, how a lot of people need help that kind of help and get off-center about myself: taking care of our own issues can make us focus only on them, and not on seeing if there is someone in need of words of comfort, spiritual assistance, and help.

The application works by geolocation: when a user enters a question, they immediately channel it to the closest consultant, according to the data. If the person enters their query with the anonymous option, it is done through a repository that assigns it to whoever wants to answer it, and then it is between the consultant and the conversation.

The anonymity factor at the time of consultation helps many faithful to become more disinhibited when it comes to telling their problems and / or what would cost them a lot, even embarrass them, to ask, and that is why it is so important: it can give us a real vision about many problems that people have and that sometimes, as religious, we simply do not find out because who suffers them, or does not come to the Church, or refrains from counting them.

Please pray for me and for those of us who are part of the consultant panel. So that the Holy Spirit helps us to give an adequate response at all times. Finally, I invite everyone: consecrated persons, to apply as consultants, and the faithful to download it. It is a very interesting way of being part of the digital Church, the one that offers a new spiritual and evangelizing alternative in the immense ocean of the internet, full of hows without whys, and of getting answers, comfort and hope. May the Holy Spirit bless you.