Jan 01
That man’s attitude makes us think. Was he sick? Yes, perhaps he had some form of paralysis, but it seems he could walk a little. But his heart was sick, his soul was sick, he was sick with pessimism, he was sick with sadness, he was sick with apathy. This is the disease the man had: “Yes, I want to live, but…”, he was there. And his answer is not, “Yes, I want to be healed!” No, it was to complain: “The others arrive first, always the others”. (…) And let us think also of ourselves, if any of us are in danger of slipping into that apathy, into that “neutral” sin: the neutral sin is this, neither white nor black, one does not know what it is. And this is a sin the devil uses to annihilate our spiritual life and also our life as people. May the Lord help us understand how bad and how evil this sin is. (Santa Marta, 24 March 2020)