Frequent Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Registration is necessary?

Registration is not required for most features and content. Registration is only necessary to contact a priest or consecrated religious since we must have minimal information to be able to operate.

By mistake I registered as a priest or religious of consecrated life. What should I do?

Your account will remain inactive while we confirm your consecration. If we have not been able to confirm your consecration, your account will be activated as a parishioner. Contact us or please wait to receive our confirmation email. Then please exit and log into your account again.

I am a priest or religious of consecrated life but I am not registered as such. What should I do?

Please send us an email with your request to We will ask you for information about yourself to proceed to change your type of account.

How can I add or edit information about the churches that are in my area?

Churches can be added by clicking on the church icon with the plus (+). You just write the name, locate the church and then click on save/update button. We have almost 30 thousand churches in the world, but naturally we are missing many, thank you for your support. We can all add and update the information of the churches by clicking on the edit button.

Is there a procedure to prevent people who are not consecrated from being part of the team of priests and consecrated religious?

Sure. All priests and consecrated religious are 100% validated by us. We confirm their consecration. All of them go through a filter and their accounts are only active once they have passed the validation. We do our best to ensure that none slip through. Additionally, within our policies and terms, we have clearly specified that whoever pretends to be a priest or religious of consecrated life can be denounced.

Do you have a procedure to report abuse, inappropriate language, rudeness, etc?

Of course. In accordance with our policies and terms of use, any abuse, inappropriate language, vulgar, etc. is prohibited. The foregoing implies the inactivation of the account. The person, whoever he is (parishioner or priest or consecrated religious) assumes the responsibility and risks of a criminal, social or judicial nature that may arise as a result of bad behavior. Any complaint should be sent to

In 4 years of apostolate, in about 10,000 spiritual supports, we have not had even the first case of a parishioner reporting/denouncing a priest or consecrated religious. None. Cases of priests or religious reporting parishioners, about 5 in the same time.

Why can't I see how many people see the messages of the day, the gospel of the day, the prayers, etc?

AMEN is not a social network. It is a tool that aims to give virtual spiritual support. Virtual counseling given by priests and consecrated religious. Amen was not conceived as a social network and it is not its objective. For this same reason it is not possible to like (????), share or do other features that social networks have. Today social networks are at the center of the debate about whether or not they are appropriate in society. This is why we have decided to step aside and differentiate ourselves as an all-in-one tool, where you can find several tools of Catholic support.

What is the AMEN app for if I have the web version available?

It is important to download the AMEN because all the information on the web version is available in the application. Additionally, in the case of readings, they work off-line, which means that you can read them even though you don't have internet access. The username and password is the same for both. Just login and enjoy it.

What is geolocation for?

Geolocation is used to:

Fathers and consecrated religious who are nearby will be able to respond.

You can read the messages of the day sent by people of consecrated life.

You will be able to point out and identify yourself with your parish.

You can receive notifications of new prayers, churches, changes to the times of masses or events and groups happening at your parish or community.

What happens if I don't enable my location?

Nothing. The app and the web version work the same whether or not you share your location. The difference is in the services that work with geolocation. That means that the father or religious of consecrated life who answers your messages will most certainly not be close to where you are. And if a father or consecrated religious close to you sends a message of the day, you will not receive it.

Can a father or consecrated religious who is not close to me answer me?

Naturally. If there are no registrants close to you or they are not available when you send the message, surely someone who is not close to you will reply. That is why it is important that you help us to spread AMEN. Invite your parish priest or your religious community to know AMEN; encourage them to download AMEN or to visit our website. Help us praying so that there are more priests and consecrated religious registered. We constantly pray for the priests and consecrated religious registered in AMEN and we invite all people to pray for them as well.

I am a father or religious of consecrated life, what types of messages of the day can I send?

The messages of the day are a place for digital evangelization. We invite you to share positive messages, daily reflections, reflections on the gospel, motivational phrases or information about your youth groups or activities at the parish or community.

How can I help AMEN grow?

God is always faithful to provide by dealing with the right person, at the right time to give so that they need is met with surplus. User's donation is a response to AMEN's faith and prayers and thanks to it, AMEN can continue working, improving, innovating and leading more people to meet the Lord.

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