Jan 01
John the Baptist!
The four evangelists, as well as the historian Flavio Josephus, a contemporary of Paul, traced the main characteristics of John the Baptist, whose birth we celebrate today, exceptionally on the 23rd: he was a pious and praying man, he lived near the Jordan River where he baptized and, more Later, he was arrested and beheaded by King Herod. Jesus was impressed by the Baptist's project and went to him to be baptized.
From today's solemnity, some points that can help to meditate and deepen our spirituality and fidelity:
1. John was the son of an elderly couple. Elizabeth was sterile, unable to have children, and Zacarias had lost faith. From sterility and disbelief a hope was born, a promise. The birth of this child was a reason for joy, for celebration, it was a miracle! The Baptist is a gift that God offered to humanity to learn to look forward!
2. John was, in addition to being a person, a project, an itinerary. By baptizing Jesus, he closed the First Testament and opened the Second Testament. It was no longer necessary for the prophets to speak in the name of God, but God himself, and John recognized him, spoke directly to the people in Jesus Christ.
3. John learned to decentralize. Even with the people who were looking for him and wanted to live like him when he recognized Jesus and said: "He must increase and I must decrease" (Jn 3,30). Juan did not seek prestige, but he believed in a new time, with more justice, solidarity and truth and realised that only Jesus Christ would be the way. It was also in this fidelity that he was able to denounce Herod's corruptions, which cost him his life.

Fr. Maicon