Jan 01
Let’s #PrayTogether for the populations who live at the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh, hard hit by a cyclone. I hope access to humanitarian aid will be enabled, and I appeal for a sense of solidarity to aid these brothers and sisters of ours.

Holy Spirit, Spirit of Jesus and of the Father, inexhaustible wellspring of harmony, to you we entrust the world; to you we consecrate the Church and our hearts.

Come, Creator Spirit, harmony of humanity, renew the face of the earth. Come, Gift of gifts, harmony of the Church, make us one in you. Come, Spirit of forgiveness and harmony of the heart, transform us as only you can, through the intercession of Mary.

If the world is divided, if the Church is polarized, if hearts are broken, let us not waste time in criticizing others and growing angry with one another; instead, let us invoke the Spirit.