I trust you Jesús

Why are you confused and are agitated at the problems of life? Leave the care of your things to me and all will be better for you. When you give yourself to me all will be resolved peacefully according to my designs. 

Do not despair, do not lead a hectic prayer, as if you would like to demand compliance of your wishes. Close your eyes and soul tell me calmly: "Jesus I trust you." 

Avoid preoccupying, angst and all thoughts about what may happen next. Do not ruin my plans by imposing your ideas. Let me be God and act freely. Give yourself in trust to me. Rest on me and leave in my hands your future. Often tell me "Jesus I trust you." 

What most hurts you is your reasoning and your own ideas and wanting to resolve things your way. When you say "Jesus I trust in you", do not be like the patient who tells the doctor to heal him but suggests how. 

Let yourself go in my divine arms, do not be afraid, I love you. If you think things are getting worse or are complicated in spite of your praying, remain confident, close your soul's eyes and trust. Continue saying to me at all time "I trust in you, JESUS." 

I need my hands to act freely. Do not tie me down with your unnecessary worries. Satan wants that. Agitate you, angst you and take your peace away. Rely only on myself. Rest on me. Give yourself to me. I make miracles in the proportion you give yourself to me and trsut in me. 

So do not worry, place all your worries in me and sleep calm. Always tell me "Jesus I trust in you." And you'll see big miracles. 

I promise my love.