Jan 01
The Joy of the Gospel from Pope Francis
The Christian life, has to be carried out with this music of patience, because it was the music of our fathers: the people of God. The music of those who believed in the Word of God, who followed the commandment which the Lord had given to our father Abraham: Walk before me and be blameless. (…) How patient our people are even now!. There are many suffering people who are able to bring life forward with patience. They do not ask for a sign, as the Pharisees did, but they instead know how to read the signs of the times. They know that when figs grow on a tree it is springtime. Instead “impatient” people presented in the Gospel, “wanted a sign” but “did not know how to read the signs of the times. For this reason they did not recognize Jesus”. The world was unworthy of God’s people. But today “we can say the same about those of our people who suffer, who suffer many, many things, but do not lose the smile of faith, which has the joy of faith”. Yes, “the world is not worthy” of any of them. These are the “people, our people, in our parishes, in our institutions”, who carry “the Church forward with their every day sanctity”. In conclusion, the Lord may give “each of us patience: joyful patience, the patience of labour, of peace”; “the patience of God” and “the patience of our faithful people who are so exemplary”. (Santa Marta, 17 February 2014)