Jan 01
The offenses of the righteous will not be remembered (Ez 18,21-28)
Saint Augustine said that justice was paying debts and forgiving without expecting anything in return. Our Lord will come to judge the living and the dead, we profess in the Creed, and when he does so, he will ask us:
Do we pay our debts? More than the economic ones, let's reflect: were we grateful to our parents and those who have helped us? Charitable with everything that has been given to us? Do I consider that everything comes from God? As a Father, he gives us everything, freely and without expecting anything in return, but as children shouldn’t we at the least behave well?
Do we forgive? Not just debts. Let's reflect: How would He find my heart? Would He find pride? Have I already forgotten the offenses that have been done to me? Did I take the first step towards reconciliation? Jesus tells us: before coming to the altar, before coming to me, go first and be reconciled with your brother. As a father would tell his son: “ah no, not now my son, no ice cream, first go and make peace with your brother. “Stop fighting and then i buy you both ice cream.”
He who is righteous and practices the justice of God will live. Let us be righteous before the eyes of God. He always wants us to live, to be with Him.
If we want to be remembered, let's make good acts.
If we want our offenses not to be remembered, let us be righteous.
And after having made a good confession, let's not stay with guilt, with resentment. God buries, forgets, erases our sins. He won’t remember them, so we should not remember them either.