With the pandemic, the approach to the Church and everything it offers us increased with the help of initiatives such as AMEN, which, using technological resources, offers the opportunity to chat and talk with consecrated priests and religious at any time of the day.

AMEN launched the first website in the world,, where you can contact priests and religious 24/7, that is, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It is a service designed for all those who wish to receive spiritual help.

The benefits offered by AMEN are for people who for some reason cannot or do not know how to talk to a priest or religious of consecrated life, but also for those who have doubts, fears, difficulty moving, who are sick and in hospitals, are timid. or simply that they do not have a parish or religious congregation nearby.

How does online spiritual help work? As in their mobile applications (#amenapp), people send messages, if they wish, in anonymous mode and a priest or religious of consecrated life will answer it.

People can browse to seek spiritual help, advice, express themselves, let off steam, ask for prayer, clarify doubts, express their religious vocation, etc.

Parents and consecrated religious in turn share daily, positive and reflective messages.

Additionally, people have the Gospel of the day, the Saint of the day, a church search engine and hundreds of prayers.

Currently brings together more than 1,200 priests and religious of consecrated life available to help, guide, console, pray, give spiritual support, a word of encouragement, of hope, dispel fears and anxieties or help spiritual conversion processes.

In addition, AMEN is available in five languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and Italian and on all Internet connection platforms such as Explorer, Chrome and Safari.

During the most difficult period of the pandemic, AMEN served as hope for thousands of people in the midst of quarantines and lockdowns. The AMEN Digital Foundation estimates that it has helped around 100,000 people around the world with its mobile applications, most of them Spanish-speakers….

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