Anonymity and realities

There are realities that the people of God, but that they themselves do not usually talk about because of many factors. I will begin to give an example to better express what I mean: according to surveys of women such as: What is the first thing you look at a man? We found that most of them answered “the eyes”, followed by the lips and the smile, and so on. That it had been taken for granted until, miniaturization arrived because a group of young men had the idea of ​​covering a physically attractive man with cameras and sending him to interact with several women. It was clear that “the eyes” are not the first thing they look at, and it was clear how many times they looked at things that they would not admit to looking at in the survey.

It happens that, through the consultation service offered by the "Amen" application, I have seen that there are personal realities that many tell, perhaps due to anonymity, that they do not commonly mention face to face.

It is less likely that someone in person will want to open up about things for which he thinks or believes that he would feel judged: negative thoughts or desires; beliefs; different sexual desires; mental problems; sexual disorders; repressed hatreds, and stop counting. In fact, among the satisfactory testimonies that have reached the creator of the Amen application, is that suicides have been avoided. One of the most painful realities that I have encountered in my "virtual office" of this application is that of people who have mental disorders, do not have the economic conditions to stay in treatment, and therefore suffer from rejection.…

I write all this for:

1. Recommend, once again, the Amen application, as a virtual office for spiritual help and guidance in faith.

2. Ask you, dear readers, to download, learn about and spread the application. Please help other people who may need it, as well as any religious you know to join in the work of helping others spiritually.

3. Raise awareness of the fact that any religious who joins will come into contact with new apostolic scenarios that can enrich their mission and help them see those unusual situations…

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