Diocesan and consecrated religious 24/7

Dear father, brothers and sisters, many people need a word of encouragement, comfort, guidance, clarity on some issues, spiritual support and prayers, among others. 

AMEN is a pioneer in the world; it’s the first tool that allows people to contact you without limit of characters. People will share doubts, concerns, needs of encouragement and counseling. SOS Father.

Once you register, your account will be inactive until we validate you are really a priest or consecrated religious. Please provide us information such as full name, consecration, dioceses, date you made votes, etc so we can activate your account faster. Please take into consideration that we do validate your consecration before activating your account.

AMEN is a virtual advising tool that seeks to bring together religious and faithful ones. The spiritual support at hand, at one click. 

”The mission of the church is to be where people are, and people are in digital environments.”

Fr. Antonio Spadaro

Virtual Counseling 24/7

Already many consecrated religious from different dioceses and communities have registered, take the first step and join us.

✓ More than 1.200 Priests and Consecrated Religious already registered 

During your free time and anonymously if you wish.

Daily Messages

In this module you could share positive and motivational messages, reflections, comments on the readings and the Holy Gospel and information of interest to the community.

“I always pray for you dear Priests of Amen who do so much good for so many Souls in need such as mine, my husband and my eight children. Thank you always Thank you. God bless you.”

“What a beautiful apostolate. I see so much pain and suffering, especially a lot of fear and despair. Thank you for helping Jesus present in each person who needs us, many blessings.” Sister Sara

“God BLESS your ministry, give you grace and strength.” Brother Miguel

“What a beautiful initiative to accompany and evangelize. I am at the request of any help I can give.” Fr. Jose 


Help Priests and Consecrated Religious:

Additionally, our second apostolate consists of helping you financially, through online Catholic courses. With our support, work, our platform, network and everything you need. You will receive the income from these courses and we will help others who cannot create their own courses. Contact to us!