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Anxiety, depression, fear, sadness? Contact Priests and Consecrated Religious, from anywhere, easy to use and free, 24 x 7.

Tell them your doubts, concerns, seek emotional support, blessings, comfort, a guide, recommendations, a word of encouragement, advices. Strengthen your Christian knowledge and the dogma of Christian Faith. S.O.S Father. #priests24h.

We do not always have the blessing of having a diocesan or religious next door. Even we do not always have a catholic church nearby, we do not know well the place where we are, the pandemic situation prevents us from going or we are simply unable to go to Holy Mass. By your faith, in AMEN you find a priest.

Chat with priests and consecrated religious. AMEN is the only online Catholic counseling and spiritual direction tool that changes lives. The churche listens!

AMEN is the only online Catholic counseling and spiritual direction digital tool. AMEN is a source of hope and blessings.

“The Internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity. This is something trully good. A gift from God”

Saint Pope Francis

Spiritual, emotional and mental help 24/7

Why is AMEN the Answer?


✓ + 70.000 web pages viewed per month

✓ + 30.000 Virtual counseling already given

✓ Almost 300.000 lives helped

✓ Talk to more than 1.200 priests and consecrated religious

✓ Hundreds of prayers

✓ 24/7 Availability

✓ Geo-referencing (app)

✓ Anonymously if wished

✓ Web Version. Access anywhere

✓ Trending catholic Android and iOS app

✓ 7 years of digital life !

Find the nearest CATHOLIC CHURCHES
AVAILABLE 24 hours, in a fast, safe and free way
Hundreds of PRAYERS. Share your favorite one too

Your spriritual, emotional and mental support at hand!

Gospel of the Day

Read it, reflect and put it into practice. Share your favorite version of the bible, readings of the day, comments and reflections.

“We speak to him when we pray, we hear him when we read the divine saying” St. Ambrose.

Saint of the Day

Read the story of the Saint of the day and learn from his life experience. Share more Saints. Let’s imitate them!

Spiritual reading is a source of strength and guidance, sanctifies us, help us to pray, to reflect and to follow virtues. Reading the Saint of each day in family is a blessing for all of us, because we will see values and good examples of life.

Catholic Churches

Find your church nearby. View, add and edit catholic churches. Search their location, contact information, mass, confessions and the Most Holy schedules, among others. We have nearly 40.000 churches around the world. 

Away from home, work, the city, on vacation, wherever you are, you can approach the Church near you and participate in the Holy Mass and the Holy Sacraments.

In some countries there is a belief that by visiting a church for the first time, three petitions may be made. Have you tried it!


Find and share different prayers by categories. Morning prayer, night prayers, prayer for family, love, health, COVID, priests, vocations, souls in purgatory, studies, friendship, among many others.

How to pray the Holy Rosary? Find the meditated rosary. A family that prays together stays together.

Daily Reflections

Priests and religious share hope, positive messages, motivational messages, meditations, reflections, comments on the readings and the Holy Gospel and messages from Holy Pope Francis.

Add gospel, saints, prayers, churches and reflections to your favorite section.

What should I do? I am sad, depressed, stressed, lonely, need help, guidance: AMEN is the answer. A cure for the soul.

If you know people with fears, symptoms of depression, symptoms of suicide, please show them AMEN, you could save their life.

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“I really like its application, it is discreet and very useful. Thanks for this job. God bless you”

“Thank you very much, excellent application God is great and wonderful I love this application the best thing that happened to me. I will love him for my whole life. God never forsakes us, He loves us.”

“Many thanks to our heavenly father and you for that great work and how nice to have that unconditional support. A thousand and a thousand thanks for offering us those words of encouragement. God bless you”

The use of AMEN DOES NOT replace the Holy Mass, nor prayer in the Church, much less the Holy Confession. Please do not stop going to your Church, do not stop making community, attending Holy Mass or participating in the Holy Sacraments.
AMEN is designed for people who have difficulties talking personally with priests or religious people, who have doubts or fears, health problems; who are found in countries with controlled or repressed Catholicism; who feel a deep need for quick responses or maintain their anonymity; who wish to make inquiries about catechesis or the dogma of Faith, among others.


Help Priests and Consecrated Religious

Help priests and consecrated religious with financial difficulties by enrolling in our courses or in the FIRST INTERNATIONAL CATHOLIC DIPLOMA IN THE WORLD, the Catholic certificate program. More than 50 priests and consecrated religious train and update you on all topics of our Church. Do not miss it! Learn more about Jesus and our Church. Only available in Spanish.
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Additionally, you can have your mass said for a deceased person or offer it for any intentions you have.
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